Service for battery strapping tools

When something is wrong with battery strapping tool (it fell down or something else) you can immediately contact us and we will send you the address to where you should send the hand strapping tool. Since we have multiple services we will respond with the service which is available at that time, so they can start with repair immediately.

All services are inside Europe (EU).

When we receive your battery banding tool we will estimate how much time will take to repair it and what are the costs if the battery hand tool is no longer under warranty. If it takes more than 10 days, we will send you a replacement. Most strapping hand machines are repaired within 7 days. The shippment costs are covered by customer. When the battery strapping machine is repaired it is tested and only then shipped back to you.

Most spare parts are available or can be supplied relatively fast. There is no warranty on spare parts. For strapping machine (automatic, semi-automatic strapping machines) there is no service on site. Therefore customer must arrange the transport to our facilities. 

Service inside Europe

When something is wrong with the battery strapping tool all you need to do is to ship the battery hand tool to one of our locations and our highly trained service team will take care of it.

Replacement when battery tool is on service

If the service/repair took more than 10 days, we send you another battery strapping tool as replacement for the time your battery strapping tool is on service.

Fast service

Usually most of the machines is repaired in less than 7 days.

Tested before shipped back

Every battery strapping tool is tested before it is send back to you.

Highly trained professional service

Since our focus are battery strapping tools. Our professionals are skilled and experienced with repairing battery strapping tools.

For more information check our FAQ section, Terms and Conditions or Privacy. More information about the company and our experience in packing solutions you can find in About us section.

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